Thursday, 11 June 2009

Heather Small to tour in October 2009

Heather Small has revealed on "The Wright Stuff" that she plans to hit the road again and tour this October.

Wright: "Well we've talked about dancing, what about singing, when are we going to see you singing again?"

Small: "Well I just finished touring, a week today actually, that was such fun that I think I might go back out there again in October."

Wright: "This year?"

Small: "Yeah, I loved it."
Small: "When I'm out there, it's such fun. If I've just finished a tour and someone gets in there quickly and says do you want to do it again, I say yes! yes!"

It's not suprising Heather wants to get back on the road following 15 successful gigs already this year, including a full UK tour. She's even playing London Pride next month!

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