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Buxton - Interview on BBC Radio Derby with Ed

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Buxton 'proud' to welcome Heather
Heather Small
Heather balances her music and television career with life as a new mum

If you thought you'd heard Heather Small's track 'Proud' a lot, you haven't heard anything yet.

As the official anthem of the London 2012 Olympics, the song is set for thousands of plays over the next three years.

It's more success in a glittering career which has seen Heather shift 10m albums worldwide with M People and as a solo artist.

And she promises to roll out all the hits at her Buxton Opera House concert.

Heather voiced several anthemic tracks as M People frontwoman in the nineties, including One Night in Heaven, Search For the Hero and Movin' On Up.

Heather Small with Brian Fortuna in Strictly Come Dancing

And as well as her international hit Proud (which was later used as the theme tune for Oprah Winfrey's television programme), Heather has made numerous television appearances in programmes such as Strictly Come Dancing and The Wright Stuff.

But it's back to the music now as she continues on an extensive UK tour which arrives at Buxton Opera House on Wednesday 18 November.

She told BBC Radio Derby's Ed George: "Most of the places on this tour are ones I haven't been to before and I will absolutely do my best for the people there.

"Some people say "A lot of the band members played with M People because I didn't want standards to drop so that's made the transition to performing solo concerts easier because they know me so well."

Fans attending the gig can expect a mix of solo material and M People favourites.

She explained: "I include those songs in this set because they've been good to me and I love them.

"Sometimes people say 'aren't you sick of playing that song?' and I tell them no because every audience is different.

"They appreciate what you do, you show them that you appreciate that and you do your best to make that experience a joyful one for everyone there."

Heather Small appears at the Buxton Opera House on Wednesday, 18 November.


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