Saturday, 13 September 2008

Heather Small on Strictly Come Dancing

Heather Small is a contestant in the years Strictly Come Dancing.
The show kicks off Saturday September the 13th so remeber to tune in and vote for Heather.

Strictly Come Dancing - Heather Small's inner struggle Friday, 29 August 2008
Singer Heather Small might look confident when she is performing but she does suffer from stage fright. She told MyParkmag: "I occasionally suffer from stage fright and, if left to my own devices, I would probably say no to anything scary. "However, everyone said I should give it a go, so I thought, why not? I just hope my nerves don't get the better of me."

Everything you need to know about Heather Small
As a member of pop group M People, Heather sold several million records, won two Brit Awards, a Mercury Music Prize award and performed across the globe winning an army of fans. With hits such as Moving On Up, One Night In Heaven and Search For The Hero, Heather became one of the seminal British voices of the Nineties. As a solo artist, Heather performed Proud when Britain won the Olympic bid.

Heather will be dancing with Brian Fortuna
New Strictly Come Dancing dancer Brian was born and raised in Philadelphia and comes to the UK having participated in season four of Dancing With The Stars in the United States where he partnered former Miss USA Shandi Finnessey. He has appeared in three live US Dancing With The Stars tours and Brian was also the host of the online results show Dancing With The Stars Online Encore. He is excited coming to the UK and says: "It's a blast to introduce a celebrated artist to the magic of dance. It changes their life forever."


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