Sunday, 26 February 1995

1995 - Bizarre Fruit II [M People Album]

For Bizarre Fruit click here.

Bizarre Fruit II track listing:

1. Sight for Sore Eyes
2. Search for the Hero (M People radio mix)
3 Open Your Heart
4. Love Rendezvous (M People master mix)
5. Itchycoo Park (M People master mix)
6. Precious Pearl
7. Sugar Town
8. Walk Away
9. Drive Time
10. Padlock
11. And Finally...

CD2 [Live and Remixed] (Not all Bizarre Fruit II came with the second disc)
1. Walk Away (Live mix)
2. Search for the Hero" (Live mix)
3. Colour My Life" (Live mix)
4. Someday (Live Mix)
5. Moving On Up" (Live mix)
6. Itchycoo Park" (Morales Classic Club mix)
7. Search for the Hero" (US remix by David Jam Hall)
8. Open Your Heart" (Brothers in Rhythm Soundtrack)
9. Love Rendezvous (K-Klass Klub mix)
10. Padlock (Junior Vasquez Sound Factory mix)

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