Saturday, 26 November 1994

1994 - Bizarre Fruit [M People Album]

Track listing:

1. Sight For Sore Eyes
2. Search For The Hero
3. Open Up Your Heart
4. Love Rendezvous
5. Precious Pearl
6. Sugar Town
7. Walk Away
8. Drive Time
9. Padlock
10. And Finally...

First Released: November 1994
Volume II: November 1995
Label: DeConstruction
Producers: M People

For Bizarre Fruit II click here.

Sight For Sore Eyes - 1994

Open Your Heart - 1995

Search For The Hero - 1995

Love Rendezvous - 1995

Itchycoo Park - 1995


The Manchester, England-based trio M People scored in 1994 with a series of British Top Ten hits from its debut album Elegant Slumming; both "Moving on Up" and "One Night in Heaven" became U.S. dance club smashes, thanks to an endearing mixture of house and R&B and Heather Small's startling vocal presence. Fortunately, M People did not suffer the dreaded sophomore slump; the 1995 release Bizarre Fruit continues in much the same vein as its predecessor. Bizarre Fruit is chock full of funky house grooves, and Small's deep, soulful vocals add just the right touch to the mix, making M People considerably warmer than most contemporary dance acts. The "Moving on Up" sound-alike "Open Your Heart" was a major club success in its own right. In addition to the obvious dance appeal, "Open Your Heart," like most of M People's music, has a touch of '70s R&B in the mix. The album's opener "Sight for Sore Eyes" has a grandiose gospel-influenced intro before kicking into the funky groove and a melody similar to Technotronic's "Pump Up the Jam." The jazzy "Search for the Hero" and the retro-soul tune "Precious Pearl" are also highlights. M People, unlike many mid-'90s dance music acts like C+C Music Factory and the Real McCoy, deserves kudos for releasing an album just as entertaining and consistent as its debut. Bizarre Fruit is a worthy follow-up to Elegant Slumming and should please those who enjoy a little soul when hitting the dancefloor. -

Sight For Sore Eyes

Search For The Hero

Itchycoo Park

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