Monday, 4 October 1993

1994 - Elegant Slumming [M People Album]

Track listing:

1. One Night in Heaven
2. Moving on Up
3. Renaissance
4. You Just Have to Be There
5. Love Is in My Soul
6. Don't Look Any Further
7. Natural Thing
8. Little Packet
9. La Vida Loca
10. Melody of Life"

Released: 4 October 1993
Label: DeConstruction
The album won the 1994 Mercury Music Prize.

One Night In Heaven - 1993

Moving On Up - 1993

Don't Look Any Further - 1993

Renasissance - 1994

Elegantly American - 1994
(This limited edition EP of US remixes)


Including no less than five British Top Ten singles and several other chart entries stretching back to 1992, Elegant Slumming is easily M People's best album. From the driving British house of "One Night in Heaven" and the nu-disco slant of "Moving on Up" to more downtempo soul on "Colour My Life," vocalist Heather Small is confident and aggressive while the production by Mike Pickering and Paul Heard backs her up with an exquisite touch. -
One Night In Heaven

Moving On UP

Don't Look Any Further


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